Aplicație Mobilă

Have you ever received an important letter that was decisive for your life?

If so, know that the letter God wrote to you is much more important! – The letter to which we refer is the Bible. This letter is important because God is its Author. You will probably say, “But the Bible was written by people and then printed with world-class printing machines.” That’s how it is! But where do the texts come from? They come from the country where the writers of the Bible lived – Israel today. They were written by men, who were by no means fanatics, moralists or riddles, but very ordinary people.

So it is true that the bible was written by men, but still, its author is God.

We, the parents of the Golgotha Church have thought about creating a mobile app to bring our children closer to God’s word and make it easier for Him to reach them through their favorite toy, the mobile phone.

This app takes the chapters that our pastor gave to our children as homework and portrays them in an easy to understand and technological way. 

Download links coming soon.

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God bless you!